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Shared Language of Learning

Shared Language of Learning

Learner Dispositions

The Learning Pit

Learner Qualities Matrix

These qualities will be taught across K-6 and students will be encouraged to determine where they are working within the qualities across the day, term and year. They will be addressed in all lessons and students will be shown when particular qualities will need to be used to attain success. They will become firmly embedded in all that we do at Tarro, across the curriculum, classroom and playground as we believe students who possess, or can attain these qualities are at an advantage as a learner and as a citizen in the future.

A Tarro learner is a student who:

  • Can articulate what they are learning and why

  • Can talk about how they are learning and the strategies they are using

  • Can articulate their next learning step

  • Understands assessment tools used and what the results mean

  • Asks questions and clarifies

  • Sees errors as learning opportunities

  • Actively seeks feedback

  • Sets learning goals.

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